Chicks with picks guitar & ukulele lessons chicks with picks guitar & ukulele lessons for women and girls of all agesguitar and ukulele lessons

There’s nothing like being able to play your favourite songs on a friendly fretted instrument. Chicks with Picks Melbourne offers lessons in Guitar and Ukulele to women and girls of all ages.


  • To play your favourite songs
  • Privately or in a small group
  • Some great strumming and picking techniques
  • To read guitar and ukulele music

Social music making sessions and performances.

At the end of each term, everyone is invited to a social music making session  to share songs and good company accompanied by copious cuppas and delicious cake! There are also gigs and community festivals to showcase the joyous sound that is Chicks with Picks Melbourne students en masse.

Your teacher

My name is Helen Begley and I am an experienced guitarist, ukulele player, performer, songwriter and teacher. My personal interest and specialty is teaching women and girls how to play guitar and ukulele with confidence and enjoyment. I also am a performer and songwriter and have co-produced several albums with my former band, Milk, two solo albums and my current album, “Voyage” with The Good Girl Song Project. I have won awards for songwriting, played at folk festivals across Australia and had my work played on ABC and community radio across the country.I teach privately from Surrey Hills, West Brunswick and Armadale. Lessons are relaxed, encouraging and good fun.

To book lessons or for enquiries about pricing and lesson:

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